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The Mirage Panta Rei Spa is an invitation to dedicate time to yourself and cuddle yourself on holiday. Let yourself go with our wellness professionals, finding your energy back, gaining back your ideal wellbeing during your beach holiday in Sardinia. In an elegant, refined and refined style, with an eye on the famous Gulf of Arzachena on the Costa Smeralda, we offer you a special massages proposal to satisfy every desire and need. From moisturizing and regenerating treatments, to the most pleasant and exotic, sensory, sporting, draining and much more massages. Mirage Panta Rei massages and rituals are performed in a soft and sweet atmosphere, in a cloud of essences and aromas, low lights and soft music, for sensations of relaxation never experienced before. The range of massages varies from the most classic massage therapy, with a range of therapeutic proposals, draining, decontracting and sports massages, to the most pleasant choices, sensory, holistic and aromatherapy massages, Hawaiian, warm and Mediterranean, relaxing and enveloping wellness embraces . Our massages are performed by highly specialized personnel and aim to re-harmonize the biological rhythms and rebalance the energy of body and spirit. Like all wellness treatments made in the Mirage Panta Rei Spa, massages are made with specific aromatic essential oils, based on natural beneficial ingredients contained in certified and high quality cosmetic products.

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